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Singapore’s strategic geographical location with the world class infrastructure and the excellent facilities in all areas is the prime inspiration for the birth of TARSAN.

Tarsan International was incorporated in June 2006 as a Global Trading Company in Singapore to cater to the business needs of the Small and Medium Enterprises in Asia. Primary objective of Tarsan is to act as a procurement house and to meet the growing needs of raw material in various manufacturing industries. In the present competitive market scenario, it is vital to stay ahead by getting the right raw material at the right time from a right place at a right price and Tarsan is committed to achieve those growing needs so that clients can reach out for great heights.

Success in today’s borderless business world depends more on co-operation and trust for mutual benefits especially when dealing with a critical products like raw materials. Quality product with continuity of supply is the biggest challenge in today’s volatile market scenario. Hence, the role & responsibility of the Global Trading Company is very important & most critical. It has been accomplished by Tarsan, which is led by Entrepreneur who has several years of International business experience with strong & effective leadership in building Global Network.

Tarsan’s business PHILOSOPHY is to identify the needs of various clients across the globe & associate INDUSTRIES to achieve their Business Excellence. Hence become successful with profits for customers, suppliers as well as Tarsan.

Tarsan’s strength is to meet and surpass the challenges in today’s global market. Tarsan responds to new challenges and realizes the full needs & wants of the clients by transforming the way of thinking, organizing and conducting the business operations. Tarsan does the constant renewal of its business methodology to adapt to the constant change of global business arena. Tarsan always welcomes new ideas and proposals from clients, vendors and others in the related business to maintain the relevance in the industry. Therefore, continues to grow its businesses with strong commitment towards clients.